Open Minds (Mindjack Trilogy, #1)Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn
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This review is about Open minds by Susan Kaye Quinn, I didnt know what to expect when I started reading this. Crazy to live in a world where everyone can read each others mind and your considered a zero for not being able too. Thats what Kira is living through, she has it preety rough her only friend is Raf, he is popular and doesnt care what anyone thinks, he there for her. While studing one eveing Kira accidently uses her mind and hurts Raf, she doesnt know how she did it and feels horrible. Thens steps in Simon who can help her, Kira and Simon are different, he is there for her too, but theres a price. Kira cant tell anyone whats going on with her not even her best friend Raf. Simon is a bad boy and is hiding things from Kira. I really loved Kira, she is a strong character, she had to do some incredible things to escape some bad situations. What I really hated, was what happend to Simon WOW!! WHY???, I had a love hate relationship with him. Raf was a great friend and he put up with alot from Kira. :)

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Next review is for The Moon Dwellers by David Estes. I've been wanting to read this series for a while and just hadnt gotten around to it, boy was I missing out. We are introduced to this world where everyone lives deep under ground, everyone is broken up into three classes Sun, Moon and star dwellers, Sun dwellers are the highest and most powerful. Adele was a moon dweller, her parents were accused for treason and she is in prison, one day she is watching a parade where the Presidents son Tristan is on and they make eye contact and something happens they both experience a painfull pull, both donot know why it happened. Tristan hates how things are, how his father abuses his power. Tristan and his best friend Roc decide to run away to figure out why he felt what he felt for Adele. Adele and her two new friends decide to escape.

So much is going on with the two main characters, I loved that we get both their POVs. Both are bad ass and can take care of themselves. Adele wants to rescue her family and Tristan wants to help her too. I loved their connection. I was kinda worried that they were never actually going to meet. One thing is we never find out much on their connection on why it happens. I guess I'll have to read the next book ;) Really loved Tristan's and Roc's relationship too!! Great start to a series!!!

View all my reviews Allegiant (Divergent, #3)Allegiant by Veronica Roth

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I finally finshed this book, I hate giving 2 stars but its how I feel. I dont know but it was really hard for me to read this mostly due to the fact that I heard how this was going to end. When I started reading this series, the first 2 books, such great books, loved them. I fell in love with these two characters Tris and Tobias and you want things to work out for them, you feel for them and I just feel cheated. :( I know not every love story has a perfect ending and life is not always fair, but WHY!!!???? WHY??? Also while reading this book, it was really hard to get into, I even felt bored at times, I felt for Tobias.

View all my reviews Blood Heavy (Blood Heavy, #1)Blood Heavy by S.L.J. Shortt

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Would like to thank the author for gifting me this book for a honest review.

We meet 17 year old Jerry, he is your normal teen, going to school, he lives with his uncle Joe and hangs out with his best friend Goose. At a party one night he cuts himself and on the way to the hospital, they are attacked, well mostly he is bitten by 2 vampires, one trying to save his life. It turns out Vampires, Witches, faires they do exsist. Jerry has this special blood, when they bite him, his blood makes vampires stronger, faster they get Hulked up. But his blood can maybe do other things like cure the vampires. Theres a group of crazy vampires that want his blood. But not all vampires are bad, he has group of good vampires protecting him and his friends. Jerry's life is thrown upside down. He is thrown into this war for his blood.

I really enjoyed this book. Jerry was good character, he loved to joke around, especially with Cass. Super funny at times. I like it. All the characters were great. Lots of action. I did get fustrated at times with Jerrys mood swings, he was happy, then he was crazy pissed off, sometimes he was just plain crazy, like he did have a death wish. Everyones trying to help him, protect him and then he just takes off on his own. I know he is trying to protect them too. Another thing I did get some what confused on the different POVS, sometimes it was Jerry or someother character, then sometimes I dont know who was telling the story. But great read, will be reading the nexts ones.

View all my reviews Her Grace in DisgraceHer Grace in Disgrace by Claudia Harbaugh
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Would like to thank the author for gifting me this book for a honest review

We are taken back to the 1800's in London, Isobel Kennilworth is hit with the news that for the past 6 years she was never really married, she was never a dutchess, The Duke, her supposed husband left everything to his true wife and son. Isobel must leave and start over again.

At first when I started reading, I was worried I would not be able to like Isobel, that she was a bit selfish and all she was going to be worried about was how to find herself another Duke to take care of her. I couldn't imagine having to marry only for money and then live with that person for the rest of your life, luckly for Isobel the Duke died, ya she lost her title and had very little money, but she was able to find love and happiness. Isobel had to truly find herself and grow up. She realizes she has made many mistakes and she is paying for them. I loved the others characters, her aunt Lady Whitcomb, such a great woman, she was always there for Isobel and always put her in her place and she would give Isobel some really good advice. Lady Joanna, another great and funny character!! Then there is Andrew Stafford, Lord Saybrooke, Isobel's one time friend and love interest. They both care about each other, but both have changed and both have their issues to work out. I loved their little fights they would have. Loved the little schemes, the everyone liked to do. Claudia Harbaugh, gave us such a great story, very well written.

View all my reviews Blackwood: Lily (Blackwood Wolves, #1)Blackwood: Lily by R.L. Kirk
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Would like to thank the author and LOP for gifting me this book for a honest review

This book is about werewolves, which I love, Lily Blackwood is your young un mated werewolf, The Blackwoods are werewolf Royalty. All Lily wants is to live life has normal as possible, as a human. She really wants nothing to do with werewolf poitics, is afraid to be mated, doesnt want to be controlled. Wallace is her bodyguard/friend/lover, he has always been there for her. Then theres Bryn Lily's true mate, but Lily doesnt know that Bryn is her mate, and doesnt remember him. She is attracted to both men. There has been some very gruesome killings of werewolf woman, so everyone is on high alert and working to find the killer. Lily realizes that she needs to setp up and be the werewolf she was meant to be and she needs her mate.

I did enjoy reading this book, I liked that we got different POVs, even from the villians in this book. I liked the plot and this werewolf life that we get. But I just could not get into alot of the characters, Lily was always complaining that she didnt want to be mated and stepup as a wolf, then she blames everyone for letting her live life normal and not making her step up. Then theres Wallace and Bryn, they just didnt do it for me. Will be reading the next book to see what happens next. Thanks again

View all my reviews Sunshine (Sunshine, #1)Sunshine by Nikki Rae
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Hi, want to thank the author for gifting me this book for a honest review, thanks!!

Sophie is a 18 year old girl who is allergic to the sun, crazy right! She has to cover up in a huge coat and wear huge sunglasses whenever she goes outside. She has preety much gotten used to the fact that she cant go out in the sun, that people talk about her in school. Well Sophie has a few secrets, she has suffered alot for being such a young girl and she is still suffering. She has found ways to cope some good, some not so good. One day while at work she meets Myles and he ends up being the new kid at her school, Myles tries to befriend Sophie, but she wants nothing to do with him. Sophie preety much keeps to herself with the exception of her two bestfriends Trey and Boo, she is also very close to her brother Jade and his boyfriend Stevie. After finally letting Myles hang out with them, she starts to kinda get used to having Myles around. Myles also has a few secrets too, hes a vampire trying to live life like a normal teenager. After Myles reveals his secret to Sophie, she is shocked at first, but she excepts it and doesnt see Myles as a monster.

This story was great! Sophie is not your typical herione, shes different, she has some major issues to work out, I liked that she was different, my heart went out to Sophie. She sees men as all bad and that they're all out to hurt you, which is understanable with everything she has gone through. Loved how she has such great friends and her brother was always there for her. Her mom was horrible, couldnt believe how she treated Sophie. I liked Myles he was super sweet and different too. He wanted to be there for her, but he didnt try to pressure her, he made it clear that is was up to her if she wanted him in her life. We get to see their friendship grow, but I was getting worried that she was never going to give Myles a chance, she kept being cold towards him and pushing him away. I liked that we finally get some action with the other vampires in this story. I would of wanted to know why Micheal was so intent on getting rid of Sophie, what was the deal, he said a few things like she couldnt be part of this, of what? Also is Sophie special, like supernatural special, she doesnt know who her father is, so could she be? Great story, will be reading the next one. Thanks again!!

View all my reviews Memory's Wake (Memory's Wake Trilogy #1)Memory's Wake by Selina Fenech
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Would like to thank the author for gifting me this book for a honest review.

We are introduced to this magical world, with fae, wizards and dragons, Memory wakes up in this world, she doesnt know how she got there, doesnt remember anything about herself not even her name. Now she is on the run with a girl Eloryn. Eloryn decides to name her Memory, they decide to stick together. While on the run, the girls get help from Roen and the savage Will. All Memory wants is to remember and go home. Things are not all what they seem, especially when secrets come out, and these are some very big secrets. Memory soon discovers that maybe she is supposed to be there. Both Eloryn and Memory are more than what they seem.

I really enjoyed this book. I loved the drawings, they helped with imagining this magical world. I loved how Memory was just a girl trying to find out who and what she is, she has suffered alot. I was happy when we finally find out
who Memory really is. I really liked all the characters. I liked how we were able to get different povs, not just Memory's. I would of wanted to see more of Will and Memory, maybe in the next one. Will had been trapped there and waiting to see Memory again and I was wanting more, but great book. Will be reading the next one!!! Thanks

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