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Review: Kitten By Elizabeth Drake

Drawn out on a cold night by a power too seductive to resist, Jamie couldn’t have guessed that the summoning would lead her to two hot vampires with lusty designs. Becoming their sex kitten, or a pawn in the power struggles of a clan of vampires, isn’t the fate she’s going to surrender to. Not even when the clan’s sexy leader sets his sights on her.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Erotic 
Series: Dominant Blood - Renaissance Clan Heat level: Sizzling (Detailed intimacy is central to the story)
Length: 19,500 words

Would like to thank the author for gifting me this book for a honest review.
I am all for a Vampire erotic tale. Jamie feels this pull to go out and to find someone to pleasure her, she has this weird sexual hunger that comes out of no where. At first when I started reading this part I was like really? But things start to warm up when she finds two gorgeous vampire males in a bar and things just get very hott from here. Some of these sex scenes were very very wow!!!

Jamie was not your typical main character, she was tough and very sexual. After her sexual encounter with the two Vampires Mace and Archer, she realizes that she may be way over her head,then after Deacon gets involved and realizes she is definitely in trouble. She doesn't want to be anyone's sex slave and knows she cannot run away from them. She realizes she need to get on the good graces with Deacon. I liked Deacon he was something else, I can see maybe something on the line of love developing between Deacon and Jamie. But at the same time I do not see Deacon falling in love. That sex scene between those two, Wow!!!! Will be reading the next book in the series and will be posting my review. Good reading everyone!!

4/30 Cover Reveal: Race To My Heart by Abby P Cook & Kimberly Blalock








Authors: Abby P Cook & Kimberly Blalock
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Danielle Armand is not broken. She's experienced her share of devastation, but that hasn't stopped Dannie. With her life turned on its axis she fights harder and is becoming stronger. 

Cash Fantneau is a thrill seeker dabbling in underground street racing. He can have any woman he wants and knows it.

When he meets Dannie, he knows he's ready to give up the bad boy ways for the woman of his dreams.

When she meets Cash, all she wants is to slap that smug look off his cocky face. But she can't deny the pull she feels and the more he tries to get her to let him in, the more she finds it hard to resist. 

When faced with a hard decision, can Cash wave the white flag? Will Dannie open up to the man racing to her heart? Or will he be forced to race to a finish line he may not survive?

Find out in "Race To My Heart"

Rebecca Berto - BERTO DESIGNS 



Abby P. Cook
Growing up in Louisiana allowed Abby to learn the joys of Life. From the deep south, where all you see is the beauty of the rivers and wildlife, to the gorgeous historic towns where the culture seeps deep into your soul. In 2000 she met the man of her dreams and moved to Connecticut where she now lives with her husband, two children and two nieces she has adopted. 

After life allowed her to slow down and breath, she had picked up a book and was again thrust into the book world. Starting her own book blog, she had the amazing opportunity to meet brilliant authors, bloggers and fans. Writing had always been a dream for her and after meeting a very talented author, began to co-write her first book. Now, she is living the life of dreams come true as she has read many times in the books she so loves.

Social media links:

Kimberly Blalock

Kimberly has been writing since she was a young girl growing up in Kansas City, Mo. Reading and writing has always been a big part of her life. She enjoys a world she can get lost in while reading a good book. A wife and mother to four beautiful children she decided she wasn’t busy enough. She spent some time chasing down fugitives as a bounty hunter then laid down her hand cuffs and finished her college degree in nursing. 

Kimberly loves discovering new music to jam out to and loves anything that’s different. Her many interests include Google, you heard it! Google. If you need to know any unusual or interesting fact she has searched it and can recite it. Her motto is: Why be the same as everyone else when you can stand out? 

When Kimberly isn’t writing or playing superhero for her children, she takes care of her patients as a Registered nurse in the field of hospice.

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Review: The Shadows Blackdagger series by J.R. Ward

The Shadows Book 13 The Blackdagger Brotherhood series 
by J.R. Ward

Two brothers bound by more than blood fight to change a brutal destiny in the heart-wrenching new novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood by #1 New York Times bestselling author J. R. Ward.

Trez “Latimer” doesn’t really exist. And not just because the identity was created so that a Shadow could function in the underbelly of the human world. Sold by his parents to the Queen of the S’Hsibe as a child, Trez escaped the Territory and has been a pimp and an enforcer in Caldwell, NY for years- all the while on the run from a destiny of sexual servitude. He’s never had anyone he could totally rely on... except for his brother, iAm.

iAm’s sole goal has always been to keep his brother from self-destructing- and he knows he’s failed. It’s not until the Chosen Serena enters Trez’s life that the male begins to turn things around... but by then it’s too late. The pledge to mate the Queen’s daughter comes due and there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and no negotiating.

Trapped between his heart and a fate he never volunteered for, Trez must decide whether to endanger himself and others- or forever leave behind the female he’s in love with. But then an unimaginable tragedy strikes and changes everything. Staring out over an emotional abyss, Trez must find a reason to go on or risk losing himself and his soul forever. And iAm, in the name of brotherly love, is faced with making the ultimate sacrifice...



OMG!!!!! I was left speechless after finishing this installment of the Blackdagger series. I am huge fan of this series and can not get enough. So when I saw that this book was finally out I lost it...

So happy!!!!!

Total freak out


This book is about Trez and Selena and what a love story, so much hardache and love. You hope that things work out for them. So when the end came I was so upset, I cried like a big baby..

Even though Trez does not get his happy ending, he stays strong. What I love about this series is we are just not getting Trez and Selena's story, we get iAm's story with his lady. Rhage and Mary, a new character Paradise, Assail and my favorite, the couple I can not get enough of Xcor and Layla. I just love this twisted relationship those two have. I want Xcor to get his lady, ya hes supposedly a bad guy but I cant help but feel for the guy.

So much is going on with all these different characters and buildup for the next book. I love that we get so many different POVs and we get their different feelings and thoughts. I can not wait to read the next book, which I heard is about Rhage and Mary. I also saw there is a book coming out about Paradise and her journey. So if you have never read this series and not sure about it. This series is a must read, action, so hilarious with the brothers, heartache, ,steaminess and love just awesomeness!!!

Review: The Divine Whisperer by Rebekah Daniels


Women, fighting demons, good food, and more women! That’s all Nephilim enforcer, Gemariah Slater cares about. That is until he meets a feisty little blonde that turns his world upside down. Like him, she has an unsavory past. Like him, she fights for those that can’t defend themselves. But when the similarities end, the claws come out. 

Social worker, Nicole Summers, is trying to help the world one child at a time, NOT be swept off her feet by a tall, gorgeous yet overbearing, and conceited jerk. Conflicted with what her heart and her head tell her, she tries to keep her distance, but Gemariah won’t let her. 
Drawn to each other by a bond neither can explain and kept together by circumstance, they are not prepared for how their bodies or their hearts react to one another. As the two battle their desire, little do they know that unforeseen forces are resigned to see them suffer and fail. Will the two be able to protect what is theirs, or will they eventually succumb to the vengeful voice inside them? 

Warning: Contains adult language and mature situations. 


Review by Mariela

I know it is about a year later to review this book. I want to thank the group Lovers of Paranormal for allowing me to read this book, I am sorry Carrie, it feels like a decade ago, and I am so sorry Rebekah, you are one of my favorite authors. Ok, fellow readers what can I say about this book, well Gemariah is hot, handsome, and makes me laugh. He has become my book crush and the man that I want to have babies with. (I know that is impossible, but I can still dream, right?).

This book had a different take than the last two. Whether I like the first two more than this one, it is hard to explain. I love Gemariah since the first smart ass comment he made previously. So in his own book he was alright but it brought a different side of him within the story. Nicole, she was as always, a strong, stubborn, passionate, and determined woman.

Rebekah did an amazing job with her character, even though I wanted to smack both, Gemariah and Nicole, many times. At the end,*SPOILER ALERT*, we learned that Gemariah has a brother, which now that Gemariah is taken, a father, and not single, I have a new crush. Yay for me! The cliffhanger will leave you wanting more. Rebekah Daniels is an author that we need to watch for, her work speaks for itself and will leave you wanting more.  

About the Author

Rebekah Daniels is a romance writer from the Midwest that marvels in bringing stories to life. Having four energetic children and a devoted husband, her days are always full of adventure and an abundance of love. 

When she finally has time to herself, she loves to write, read a good book, eat chocolate, and keep warm under whatever heating device is available. 

As a child she was always daydreaming and creating stories in her head. As an adult, nothing has changed, except now they are coming to life on paper. Her hope is that these stories will bring enjoyment to the people that get to read them.  


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4/28 Release day Blitz: Seeker by Amy Reece

✢ ✢ ✢ The Seeker NOW AVAILABLE! ✢ ✢ ✢
(Book One of the Seeker Series)
by authors Amy Reece

Genre: YA/Paranormal/Romance/Suspense 

Ally Moran has always just known about things—things she shouldn’t really be able to know… 

Suddenly when she starts having vivid visions about a former friend who is in desperate trouble, the adults in her life think she might hold the key to an ancient mystery. 

Jack Ruiz has a troubled past, but is trying to make a fresh start at a new high school… 

He just wants to keep his head down and graduate, hopefully before he turns 20. The last thing he needs is to get involved with a feisty redhead and her psychic visions. 

While Jack valiantly attempts to keep Ally at arm’s length, she is equally determined to be a part of his life. Who will win this battle of wills? 

More importantly… 

Can this unlikely couple work together to find answers to Ally’s visions before someone gets killed?

The Seeker is Book One is a Series

✢ ✢ ✢ One Click Your Copy NOW ✢ ✢ ✢

Amy Reece
Amy Reece lives in Albuquerque, NM, with her husband and family. She loves to read and travel and has an unhealthy addiction to dogs. She loves wine and friends, in that order. Stay tuned for the rest of The Seeker Series, coming Summer and Fall 2015



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4/28 Release Day Blitz: The Reunion by Lorhainne Eckhart

The Reunion
by Lorhainne Eckhart
Series: The Friessens, #1
Genre: Women's Fiction/Contemporary Romance
Cover Designer: Steven Novak
Release Date: April 28 2015

Come celebrate the release of The Reunion with Lorhainne and her special guests on Thursday, April 30 from 12pm-2pm EST. Click the banner to join the party!

The family you thought you knew.
A Reunion you’ll never forget.
A love that lasts forever.

This emotionally charged family saga will reunite all the Friessen clan in this timeless romance and a heartwarming celebration.

Oh?” She smiled up at him and left her book open as she stood, putting her hand on the flat of his chest and stepping closer so he could wrap his arms around her. She fit so perfectly, and he could have looked down at her book and read it, he was so close. But he couldn't do that to her. The diary was hers, her thoughts, something personal and private. He knew he couldn't cross that line—even though he wanted to know everything she was thinking at every moment.

“You love writing in that book,” he said. “What it is you put down in there?”

Candy couldn't hide from him, and he could sense the moment she felt uneasy. It was so subtle, the change in her body, from leaning into him, her energy reaching out and touching him, to pulling away. He rubbed her back and lower, over her sweet ass, holding her to him, not hard but in a way that let her know she could step away if she wanted. He wanted her with him, always, to stay close to him, but it had to be her choice. That nearly killed him at times, but the saying was “If you love someone, set her free, for if she truly loves you, she will always return.” For Neil right now, because of what he’d done, he’d learned that with Candy, it was so true. He couldn't push, not ever again.

“You don’t have to share it,” he said.

Her eyes darted up so fast. He could see the surprise, maybe because he’d always pushed, expecting her to share everything, body, mind, and soul. He still wanted that, but something had changed when he’d hurt her with his betrayal—his secrets.

No more, ever.

“They’re just my thoughts, feelings,” she said, and she didn't need to say any more. He could tell she expected him to push.

“These are things you don’t want to share with me?” He had to know, to have some idea of where she was in her head with him, just to understand where they still needed to go to heal.

“You’d think they’re silly, I’m sure. I’d feel foolish voicing them, but I want to be able to put it down. It helps me,” she whispered.

He nodded although he couldn't help feeling a little hurt that she didn't want to share everything with him. He also knew he couldn't push, not anymore.

“Thank you,” she said.

“For what?”

“For not pushing, for not insisting on reading it. You've never looked at it, have you?”

Before, he would have. That was the old Neil, who was so obsessed with having Candy and molding her into who he believed she should be. What a fool he’d been. “No, I wouldn't do that, although I am curious,” he teased.

She slid her hand around his waist and slapped his butt playfully, hugging him closer. She had the most beautiful smile as she leaned in and tilted her head up, again biting her lower lip. “Maybe one day I’ll show you.”

What could he say to that? She watched him with a lightness in her eyes that melted away the uncertainty that had been between them moments ago. He wanted her to trust him again. Oh, he knew she did in some things, but he wanted that ultimate trust where she would believe that her precious, vulnerable heart would be safe with him regardless of what life threw their way. If and when she trusted him completely again, he swore to God that he would never let her down again.

“I would love that,” he said.

Additional buy links for Barnes will be available soon!

USA Today Bestselling Author Lorhainne Eckhart’s books have been described as Longmire meets old-school Dallas, and she recently received the 2013 Readers’ Favorite Award for Romantic Suspense for her title Lost and Found. With over thirty titles under her belt, she is frequently a Top 100 bestselling author in multiple genres, such as romance, westerns, and mystery/suspense, including such series as The Outsider, Walk the Right Road, The Wilde Brothers, The Saved, and her most recent addition, The Friessens: A New Beginning.

Lorhainne lives on sunny Salt Spring Island with her family, where she is working on her next novel.