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Alien AttachmentsAlien Attachments by Sabine Priestley
My rating:

2.5 stars

I didn't know what to expect with this book, I have read Alien themed books before and enjoyed them. So when I started to read this it felt a bit rushed and I was confused for the beginning of the book, so much info on the alien names and words and powers. I had to stop reading this book and finally came back to finish, I hate not finishing a book, doesn't feel right. Towards the middle of the book things started to get better, ok so we have Dani your beautiful, clumsy human and Ian the handsome rich alien, are attracted to each other, but are not allowed to be together. Ian was just a jerk through out the whole book, in hopes to keep Dani away from him. "yes that always works" . Then there's Dani, she doesn't want a relationship but wants to be with Ian. What I did like about the this book was the whole Psi mate situation. Dani is Ian's Psi mate and vise versa. So then Baltaser comes in to the picture and Dani wants to maybe give him a try because he is "normal" in a sense, she doesn't have this huge psi connection with him. Ok finally at the end she all of a sudden realizes she loves Ian and wants to be with him, she saves his life and she looses her Psi connection with him, so now she isn't sure she wants to be with him without the Psi connection, so first she wants normal now she doesn't, she confused me, and pissed me off.

 I could not connect with her at all. Well everything works out at the end for them. sorry for the low stars, I hate giving 2.5 stars, but it could not be helped.

This book was gifted by N etgalley for a honest review

View all my reviews Hook's Pan (Kingdom, #5)Hook's Pan by Marie Hall

My rating:

I have read some of the other books in this series not all, I do like that this series is about the villians from different fairytales, they do need love too. This one is about the famous Captain Hook from Peter Pan and Trisha living a very normal life. She is thrown into Neverland and must stay there for three days and spend time with James Hook. At first they want nothing to do with each other and fight the attraction. I wasnt too crazy about James or Trisha, they both have their issues to figure out, both have suffered in life. I like that Trish did question everything that was going on, she just didnt go with what was happening and except everything, but she did seem so negative about everything too. James he has loved and lost and was still coping with that. I liked how crazy and beautiful Neverland was.

View all my reviews The Huntsman's Prey (Kingdom, #7)The Huntsman's Prey by Marie Hall

My rating:

Would like to thank the author and LOP for gifting me this book for a honest review.

I have read the first book in this seris, so when I saw this book, being about the mad hatter's daughter I had to read, but I probably should of read the rest of the books, I was a little lost, but not to much. I really did enjoy this book, you have poor Chrysalis suffering from this curse and there seems to be no hope for her, one thing about this, how did the Hatter and Alice not know what was going on with their daughter? Ok then comes in Aeric the huntsman to capture her. At first I was not to crazy about Aeric, but he does come through more towards the middle, he has his own baggage and was hurt buy the woman he loved, so he doesnt trust woman very much. At first you do not know what to make of Chrysalis and you want more interaction between them two. Then there is Lissa, who is helping the huntsman and then they start getting close and then I was like what about Chrysalis?. Then towards the end you finally realize what is going on, I really loved the twist and turns Marie Hall gives us in this book, you really didnt expect that to happen, I was like Wow, but I liked it!!! Thanks again :)

View all my reviews Touching Smoke (Touch, #1)
Touching Smoke by Airicka Phoenix

My rating:

Hi, would like to thank the author for gifting me this book for a honest review.

Fallon a young girl, never really having a home, moving from place to place with her mom, her mom never tells her why they move so much. Then theres the biker who always seems to be where they are. Then things to get out of control, her mom is hiding things, then she is on the run with the biker guy Isaiah, he is there to protect her, but from what?

So I really enjoyed this book, I was expecting Vampires, but nope this is different it wasnt supernatural I guess, which I liked. Isaiah was great trying to protect Fallon very mysterious, then theres Fallon trying to protect Isaiah. I liked that they had a connection from the very beginning, but then you find out why they have such a strong connection, your kinda sad, but I feel that they really do care for each other and there is still hope :) What I liked about Fallon she didnt just lie down and take it, she fought to escape and protected Isaiah, also she questioned her feelings for Isaiah, she didnt just go with it. I like the different twists, you want to know what she is, what Isaiah is, theres so many unanswered questions, we do find out some big things, but I still felt we needed more answers, but maybe in the next book. Great read. Thanks again.

View all my reviews Unhinged (Underworld, #1)Unhinged by Tempest C. Avery

My rating:

Would like to thank the author and We luv YA BOOks for gifting me this book for a honest review.

I really like books with greek mythology, this was a really good twist on that, Hades being one of my favorites. You really have to feel for Spencer, she loses the love of her life Micah and he comes back as a ghost, she has him but really she doesnt. She is not able to cope, she is stuck in this depression and she is deseperate to have Micah back and any cost. Thats where Hades or Hadrain comes in, I really liked Hadrain, I like how he likes to piss off Spencer. It was really hard for me to finish this book, I struggled and mostly it was I just couldnt get Spencer, she is so in love with Micah, cannot live without Micah, is no one without Micah, but when she meets Hadrain and starts spending time with him, she can not stop thinking how cute he is, how close to her, how her body reacts to him. Maybe I struggled too because I hate love triangles. I think Spencer is too young to really truly love someone the way she says she loves Micah, I dont know. Just how Hadrain told her everyone loses someone and they must move on and cope, but no she had to have Micah back, how is thats fair. I loved that her friends tried to be there and support her. Was not to happy about the cliffanger at the end. Thanks again.

View all my reviews Sun Poisoned (Sunshine, #2)Sun Poisoned by Nikki Rae

My rating:

Hi, I was gifted this book for a honest review!! Thanks!!! Really liked the cover, like that shes on both covers!! :)

I was super excited to read this book, since I got the opportunity to read and review the first book. In this book we find ourselves in New York, Sophie, her two friends/bandmates Boo and Trey have been offered the opportunity to play at a club and a place to live there too. Sophie has really opened up more towards Miles and their relationship seems to be growing,which I loved!! Sophie spends alot of her time with Miles, hes always there for her, things were really going great. Then Sophie finds out that Miles has been keeping secrets and has been lying to her, I was not suprised. Of course Sophie does not take it well and instead of trying to talk to Miles, runs away. We really learned more about Miles and his past, about what he has done and how he is connected to Michael, Evan, Adrianne and Alex. Wow!! I think Miles should of told Sophie, but he was probably afraid and probably knew she would not take it well. I loved Miles, even after everything, he was always there for Sophie, he never pushed her, he was always there to help her, espically what happens with her brother, (super sad) he was never a jerk to her, guess lying and keeping secrets is kinda being a jerk. We never really saw him loose his cool, (ok maybe twice). What did piss me off about Sophie was how she was so upset at Miles from lying and his secrets, but then she started doing it too!! The ending Wow!! But overall great book!! I cant wait for the next book!!

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