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Beast of Burden Blog Tour and My review!!!!!!


(Book Two in The Hidden Blood Series)

By A.Z. Green
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Pages: 320 pages

Leaders who were allies at the time of the Vikings, had rings made to
remind them of who they were and what they stood for. Weremen of peace,
justice and loyalty. We try to stand by that principle.

After the
attempt on Nik's life, he and Jaz leave Deer Creek to escape the dangers
and judgements on both their heads. But many are determined to find
them and drag them back.

Curs are creeping out of the woodwork
and making themselves known by the increase of deaths, kidnappings and
rapes but it seems the Head Council are looking the other way.

and Nik put their differences aside to begin her training in
self-defence and controlling her ability to Change. Jaz allows herself
to trust him again despite their rocky start, and in doing so, she soon
understands the true reasons behind his past actions.

Things aren't what they seem.

are stirring, enemies are coming out to play, humans will be caught in
the crossfire, hybrid Weres must fight for their survival and sides must
be picked.

Which side are you on?




Cover: Great!!!!
Would like to thank the author and  Bit'n tours for gifting me this book for a honest review. I had the privilege to read the first book through goodreads and couldn't wait to read this one.
This book picks up right where the first book ended, Jaz and Nic have left Deer Creek, Jaz no longer being safe there especially after she reveals herself as being a hybrid. Jaz struggles to trust Nic and also struggles with her feelings for him.
"Even with her niggling fears about him, he'd never hurt her and she knew he wasn't always what he seemed. Was that a good thing? Something she could trust in? Right now, she saw him as a killer-but was that the whole story? Despite what her mind was telling her"
So this book was jammed pack with shockers and reveals, back to back!!!!

Caution!!!! Spoiler alert people!!!!!
I usually do not like to give important details away but it can not be helped sorry. I'm going to start with that I loved Jaz, she was such a strong woman, so much happened to her, she could not catch a break. On the run, people dying and people who were dead are not!! And what does a girl have to do to take a shower!! Poor Jaz, three different times and three different guys walking in on her in the shower, what the heck. Then the unthinkable happens to her!!!
She is violated so horribly I was shocked, sad, upset, tears. I couldn't believe I was reading this

But after all this has happened to Jaz does she go into depressed mode and stop her, No!!!! oh No!!!!! she got back up brushed herself off and continued on with life. She didn't let the pain consume her. I loved her for that. She kept on fighting and still wants to be with Nic. Then Nic he was there for her and supported her.

This book was action packed, with bloody kills with crazy weres and I liked it!!! :) There was even some funny parts too.

"The muscles around Tyra's eyes tightened. "Smells human. About three weeks old. " "Cause of death?" Tyra turned to her, smirking. "I'm not a forensic officer." She turned faced forward, squinting her eyes. "But from what I can see he looks like he was chewed on. Maybe eaten alive." Jaz grimaced.

Thanks again!!!!!!!


(Book One in The Hidden Blood Series)

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Pages: 390

The bloody, raw meat was tantalizing her; calling to her. She hated it and yearned for it all at once.
Stop, she ordered. What are you doing?!
So hungryyyyy, snarled a primal voice deep within her.
Don’t you dare! she screamed back.
But the primal hunger ignored her pleas and took over her body, forcing her rational voice deep within the crevices of her mind.

What would you do if you discovered you weren't human? That you turned into a bloodthirsty monster against your will?

What if your instincts, emotions and desires were torn between your own and the dark, dangerous animal lurking inside of you?

it could make you yearn for someone you shouldn't, make you say and act
in ways you wouldn't and overwhelm your whole existence?

If everything you'd ever known about your life was a lie?

a world where a deeply hidden community is swathed in mystery, deadly
secrets, betrayal and murder, Jaz Barker struggles to fight against the
dangerous Beast within her and the emotions and desires it thrusts her

When tensions ride high and people she cares about are put
in danger, she will have to decide how much of her newly awakened
animal-side she's willing to let in.

And if it is worth the risk…

Top 10 Influential People

If I’m not including religious figures then these are what I’d pick. I don’t idolize popstars or actors unless they do something good or are really good at what they do. These are people that mean something to me.

My family, especially my husband and daughter- without my husband, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you, babes. My daughter keeps me strong and happy when I’m sad and weak. I hope she can say the same about me in the future.

William Shakespeare - everyone can appreciate what this guy brought to the world of literature. I’m not an expert of his works, but I know the guy can write. His poetry is beautiful too.

Charlotte Bronte - she brought one of my favourite novels into the world. I can’t thank her enough.

Mary Shelley - in a tough man-dominating world, she brought one of the most influential novels in history, thats genre at the time was dominated by male writers. She kicked them to the kerb, that’s for sure.

Alexander the Great - he did a lot of great things in his time (hence the name) and I have only a small amount of knowledge of his history, but it’s his death that has inspired me. There’s a story that is mentioned even amongst Muslims (many believe that Alexander the Great is mentioned in the Qu’ran). The story gives a beautiful view on his thoughts of death and how even though he was a great king and did so much, when he dies, he will not take his wealth with him. Materialistic things mean nothing. He put things in perspective.

Robin Williams - he’s the comedian I grew up with and I was really sad when I heard he’d died. He reminds me of my childhood so I had to put him in there.

Philomena Lee - she’s a recent discovery so her influence is strong and fresh. You may have seen the film ‘Philomena’ about an Irish woman who is in search of her long lost son, who was given away by the same convent Philomena had to stay in because she’d had sex out of wedlock. This child grows up with an American family, and as she follows the trail, she tragically discovers he died of aids. And that the convent she’d started at, is the place he’s buried. The convent knew and sent both her, and her son around in circles, claiming not to know where the other lived. My point of this summary, is that for me, the greatest trait someone can have is finding forgiveness when they have an opportunity to get revenge. Philomena tells the main sister of the convent who had been there when Philomena was a teen, that she forgives her, despite everything she has done. It’s beautiful.

Pocahontas - no, not the Disney one (though Colours of the Wind is one of my favourite Disney songs) - I’m talking about the real Pocahontas who saved the ungrateful John Smith (not the dreamy one we remember from childhood), moved with the English, converted to Christianity, changed her name to Rebecca, married an Englishman and bore a son, and her marriage is the first recorded interracial marriage in North American history. I don’t know what she was like but I can see she was compassionate and brave. Her story has been romanticized and talked about hundreds of years after her death. Can’t help but admire her.

Ben Affleck - oddly enough. And the only reason I say this is, despite that I like him as an actor, outside of acting he was on a talk show recently and defended Muslims, separating them from the extremists, as they should be. Good for him. And thanks!

Chuck Wendig - an author whose books I’ve never read, though I certainly plan to. It’s his blog that makes me put him on this list. He’s funny, sooooo funny, but he also talks about important things. Things that make us think about the way we think and act. He also talks about writing and things in the news. I haven’t disagreed with him yet. He’s done good. You can find him at




was born in 1989 and raised in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. She met the
love of her life aged 16 and moved to London, finally settling down near
She has written various novels and short stories in
her lifetime but has only recently decided to publish. She writes a wide
range of genres such as Dark Fantasy, Romance, Thriller, Historical
Fiction, Dystopian, Horror and Paranormal. Her books tend to fit better
into the New Adult genre as they usually have a more mature theme.

Beasthood is her first published novel.

writing she also loves designing blogs, websites, covers for others'
books as well as her own and various graphics. She has four
blogs/websites and counting. Pinterest and Tumblr keep her busy, as does
reading, drawing, painting and watching films. That's if she gets time
to do any of these things with a three-year-old jumping around.

asked in an interview, 'What books have inspired you to write?' she
replied, 'I write books I wish existed, not because I'm inspired by a
book that already exists.'



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New Release!!! Finding Gavin

✬✬ Finding Gavin by Author C.A. Harms is LIVE!!! ✬✬


Wrecked by Priscilla West Review!!!

Wrecked (Wrecked, #1)Wrecked by Priscilla West
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


Cover: Good


“There would be no happy ending for us. He was too damaged. I was too broken.”

Two years ago, Lorrie’s mother was murdered. But that wasn’t the end of it. Reeling from the tragedy, Lorrie’s father spiraled into alcohol, depression, and finally suicide.

The two most important people in Lorrie’s life are both gone but she’s still alive.

Trying to recover from the tragedy, Lorrie returns to campus, ready to pick up the pieces of her life. All Lorrie wants is to get back to “normal.”

Then she meets Hunter. The man, the legend, “the Hammer.”

Hunter is a cage fighter who takes on every fight like he’s got nothing to lose. His life is a tangled mess of girls, booze, and fist fights. And while it may seem like he’s got a devil-may-care attitude, he’s fighting a private cage-match with a monster he can’t defeat.

Lorrie knows that Hunter is the exact type of guy she should stay away from, especially in her fragile state, but Hunter has other ideas.

As Hunter and Lorrie grow closer together, will they be able to overcome their pain and heal each other? Or will they both end up wrecked?


Book was gifted through Netgalley for a honest review

We are introduced to Lorrie returning to college after taking time to deal with the murder of her mother and suicide of her father and well she is still dealing with it. Its hard to bounce back to life after such tragedies.

The book starts off very well with her falling into a frozen lake and saved by Hunter, She then starts this friendship of sorts with him. Hunter is very good looking fella and makes money as a fighter, very well known around campus and a big ladies man. They fight their attraction for each other her more then him, she is in denial for a good part of the book about her feelings for him.

I was not crazy about Lorrie, I got very upset and even bored with her

She doesn't want to be with Hunter but then gets so upset with him when he is with other girls (the whole bj incident) but when he tells her he wants to be with her, like dating, she is like no I don't like you like that. Really Lorrie? She just was too much for me.

Then finally she comes to terms with her feelings and she doesn't even try take things slow, she jumps into bed with Hunter for like a week, (ok, more like 4 days) they didn't leave his apartment. Then there was even one time while they are getting it on and I mean right in the middle of it and he is checking his text messages and then asks Lorrie to answer the text for him, Really!!!!! ??

I struggled with finishing this book and I had to take a few months to come back to finish. I really had giving 2 stars but that's how I feel. :(

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The Runaway Ex Book Release, 12/28/14

Adult Contemporary Romance

Release: December 23, 2014

Amazon | Barnes and Noble

The Runaways are back...
For Layla Lewis, life is finally back on track. After her "runaway year" in Cornwall, another year has passed—an idyllic year spent with sexy new love, Joseph Scott, in the sultry heat of Florence. For best friend, Penny, life has also changed. Having recently given birth to a baby girl, she’s busy embracing motherhood. But, for the runaways, life is never that easy...
A chance encounter with Joseph’s ex-girlfriend, Tara, has explosive consequences for the new lovers, and all three are forced back to Cornish shores. Meanwhile, motherhood is not the joy Penny thought it would be—she’s heading for a breakdown and fast!
The bubble is burst, the idyll shattered.
Tara has a secret and only Joseph knows what it is. Despite being asked to trust him, Layla can’t help but question what the secret is and what it has to do with them. As Penny arrives in Cornwall too, some friends will pull together, others will not.
This secret, Layla suspects, will tear them all apart.

The Runaway Ex

Guest Posts

Facts about The Runaway Ex

By Shani Struthers

The Runaway Ex was never meant to be! The Runaway Year was meant as a standalone but then I got to thinking… what if the happily ever after hits a blip? What if someone from the past turns up, out of the blue, with a secret in tow – a secret she’ll only share with her ex? Voila! A sequel was born!

Certain songs inspire me when I write; I have a song for each book I write. For The Runaway Year, Toploader’s ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ was the one – I wanted to capture that same happy, carefree feeling. The Runaway Ex is grittier though and Rhianna’s ‘Stay’ suits it perfectly. The lyrics and the heartfelt way it’s sung sums up just what the book is all about.

We see a different side to Joseph and Layla in The Runaway Ex, a side perhaps not so palatable, is controversial even. Penny too is not reacting in the way everyone ‘expects’ a new mother to react. And the interesting thing is the characters themselves are shocked at their own behaviour.

Penny was pregnant by the end of The Runaway Year and in The Runaway Ex she has had the baby. But Penny is finding motherhood more of a challenge than she cares to admit. PND is a subject close to my heart and writing her part felt very cathartic indeed.

There’s a third and final Runaway! Oh yep, I think after you’ve read The Runaway Ex, you’ll agree a certain character needs a bit of a break.

Writing The Runaway Ex

By Shani Struthers

The Runaway Year was meant as a stand-alone novel. I’ve always loved the North of Cornwall, how wild and rugged it is, and I wanted to set a book there, revolving around a group of friends and the various trials and tribulations they face. Well I did that and immediately saw potential for a follow-up. Layla, Joseph, Hannah, Jim, Penny and Richard – they’re a great set of characters to work with, and it was hard to let them go.

The Runaway Ex sees a new character burst onto the scene, however, a blast from the past and mentioned only briefly in The Runaway Year. Although Hannah is still a major influence in the book her ‘voice’ is replaced by Tara – Joseph’s ex. This time around it is she, Penny and Layla who tell the story, which is set over two weeks as spring melts into summer.

It was great fun developing Tara’s character and witnessing the turmoil she causes amongst the more established ‘runaways’! There’s a serious side to the book though, not only because it deals with Penny and her post-natal depression (yep, Penny hasn’t taken to motherhood like a duck to water!) but also because of the ‘secret’ Tara has. What is it? You’ll have to read it to see!

Be warned, The Runaway Ex is grittier than The Runaway Year, we see a different side to certain characters, a more ‘uncomfortable’ side and it all rollercoasters towards an explosive end. As gritty as it is though, it’s also sad, you’ll need a box of tissues beside you when you’re reading. I certainly did!

The Runaway Ex Quotes

By Shani Struthers

     “Tara,” he said a third time and then she had no doubt.

     He had barely changed in all the time they had been apart. Beautiful still, his hair lighter perhaps, his eyes the cornflower she remembered. A face she had loved to distraction in another lifetime. A face she had let go when adventure had called.


     He smiled at her then, a smile as soft as the memories she had of him.

     It was. It was Joseph Scott standing before her, like a gift from the gods.

The phone, where was the bloody phone?

     “Hi, Penny. Did you lose the phone again?”

     Penny couldn’t help but laugh.

     “Hi, Layla! Yep, I lost the phone—again. Damn those cordless inventions.”

     “Is it okay to talk? Is Scarlett asleep?”

     “She’s cat-napping. There’s a difference, a big one, unfortunately.”

     Immediately Layla was sympathetic. “Is she still not settling?”

     “Put it this way, I reckon world peace will be settled before she is.”

     “Wow!” said Layla. “So Tara’s in Florence. That’s a coincidence.”

     “But that’s all it is, a coincidence.”

     “So how is she? What’s her news? Is she on holiday here?”

     “A holiday of sorts,” Joseph replied, ignoring her first two questions.

     “I know it sounds bad...” he started.

     “Bad? Joseph, are you deliberately trying to be facetious?”

     “No, look, it’s not a secret, that’s the wrong way to describe it. It’s a... a situation.”

     “A situation you can tell me about?”


     “So it’s a secret, whichever way you dress it up.”

     “Are you going to tell your parents or just turn up on their doorstep?” Layla asked.

     Like I turned up on yours? The barb was clear.

      “I... I don’t know,” Tara replied. “To be honest, I hadn’t thought that far.”

     “Perhaps you should—think that far, I mean.”

Look, I’m trying here. I’m trying to be Mother of the Year. I’m doing everything I can, but she hates me. Yes, that’s right, hates me. She screams when she sees me at night, in the morning, through the day. Nothing I do is right. I can’t seem to make her happy, to make her gurgle, to make her coo. None of the things that those bloody textbooks I devour tell you babies should do. But I try, Richard, I really, really try.

     If only she had said those words in that order, but she hadn’t. They had come out stuttering, disjointed and mixed-up instead. Even she thought she was an idiot.

     “And you want to try this baby-led nonsense now? In a packed restaurant?”

     “What harm can it do? I’ll get the spaghetti bolognaise and she can have some of mine.”

     “But she’ll make a mess,” Penny declared. That red velvet dress, it was from Boden. It had cost a bomb, and she didn’t want it ruined.

     “She won’t.” Richard was adamant. Leaning forward to tickle Scarlett under the chin, he continued, “Will you, my tweedle-pop?”

     Tweedle-pop? Had he completely lost the plot?

     “Her name is Scarlett,” Richard replied.

     “Yes, I know that.”

     “So, how come you never say it?” Richard sounded pissed off. “It’s... it’s weird.”

     “Weird?” Penny couldn’t believe it. “You’re the one who’s weird, Richard.”

     “Before you say it—” Layla couldn’t keep her voice from sounding waspish. “Yes, I do trust you. You’re the one that’s paranoid, not me.”

     “I’m not paranoid,” Joseph immediately retaliated. “I just get the feeling you’re not being honest with me, that’s all. You say you trust me but I’m not sure you do.”

     Oh, and you blame me for that, do you? she thought, but refrained from saying it. Acting the harridan every time Tara’s name was mentioned was not going to endear her to anyone.

“Offer Tara an olive branch,” said Hannah. “Suggest meeting up, just the two of you, get an insight into her personality. Don’t be so ready to condemn her without good reason.”

     Layla balked slightly at the accusation.

     “And you don’t think sharing a secret with my boyfriend—a secret that’s upset him—and then telling him he’s not allowed to share it with me is good enough reason to condemn her? I can’t wait for this holiday to be over, to get away from here.”

     “I never stopped loving you, Joseph, despite leaving you. I... I still love you.”

     “I love you too, Tara.”

     As she turned away from him, he caught her arm.

     “You can do this, you know. We can do this.”

     “I know.”

     “If you want me, I’m here for you, every step of the way.”

     “I haven’t left the baby, Richard. I’ve just come to stay with friends for a few days. I’ll be back soon.”

     “Her name is Scarlett,” Richard suddenly yelled down the phone. “Why can’t you bloody well say it?”

     “Strange situation for you, though, isn’t it? Caught between two women.”

     Joseph looked a bit bemused by Penny’s comment. Bemused or annoyed?

     “I’m not caught between anyone.”

Joseph pulled her to her feet. “Good luck, Tara,” he said. “With everything.”

     “Thanks for the wish.” Attempting a stab at humor, she added, “Let’s hope Lady Luck hasn’t forgotten me entirely.”

     No sooner had she said it than she was in his arms. He was holding her close, as close as he used to, close enough so she could feel how much he was trembling.

     Tara was in turmoil? What about the turmoil she was in? That they had put her in?

     “Is that all you’re worried about?” Her voice rose with each word. “Your precious Tara?” Shaking her head in disbelief, she continued, “What about me, Joseph? Since she’s been back on the scene, you seem to have forgotten all about me!”

     “Don’t be so bloody stupid.” Joseph looked exasperated as well as angry. “I haven’t forgotten about you, but the world, it doesn’t revolve around you, you know.”

     “What do you mean, good reason? I’ve given you no reason not to trust me.” Joseph’s voice was low now, even more menacing somehow than when he’d been shouting.

The Runaway Ex Excerpts

By Shani Struthers

Excerpt #1

“Layla, what Tara and I had, it can’t hold a candle to what we’ve got. You’re the one I love, the only one.”

     “You promise?” She was tired suddenly of arguing. He was going to help Tara with or without her consent. That was one thing she knew with absolute clarity.

     “I promise.”

     “And you’ll tell me soon? It will come between us if you don’t.”

     “I’ll tell you everything and you’ll understand.”

     She had to say it, she had to be honest. “It feels like you don’t trust me.”

     “I do trust you. Do you trust me?”

     When she faltered he had to prompt her.

     “Yes,” she finally answered.

     As he reached out to tuck her hair behind her ear, she braced herself for the question she knew he was going to ask.

     “I just want her to know she’s not alone.”

     “I know.”

     “So, is it okay, can she come back with us?”

     For the first time Layla had an inkling of the impossible situation he was in, that they were in. The ex had shown up in need of help. Joseph was a nice guy. That’s what she loved about him, his kindness, his compassion—qualities Alex had lacked. Joseph would do anything for anyone, even Tara. She should trust him. She should.

“Yes.” She wished she could feel more certain about her answer. But even if she wasn’t, she had convinced him. He looked visibly relieved, color returning to his cheeks. “As long as it’s not Australia’s Most Wanted we’re accompanying back.”

Excerpt #2

Quickly Joseph fell into step beside her.

     “Before you say it—” She couldn’t keep her voice from sounding waspish. “Yes, I do trust you. You’re the one that’s paranoid, not me.”

     “I’m not paranoid,” Joseph immediately retaliated. “I just get the feeling you’re not being honest with me, that’s all. You say you trust me but I’m not sure you do.”

     Oh, and you blame me for that, do you? she thought, but refrained from saying it. Acting the harridan every time Tara’s name was mentioned was not going to endear her to anyone. Still, there was no way she was not going to stand up for herself.

     “Joseph,” she said, coming to a standstill outside Uncle Davy’s Cabin, fine purveyors of fish and chips, or so the sign above the black painted door would have you believe. “Just cut me a bit of slack, okay? Tara turns up out of the blue, the one place in the world where you happen to be and you just happen to bump into her.” Briefly she paused. It reminded her of a line from that film, what was it? Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. ‘Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine.’ The fact it was a romantic film, a romantic sentiment, irked her even more, but she bit down on that for now. “You then tell me you want her to accompany us back to Trecastle, because she’s in trouble, because she has a secret and not just any secret, but a big secret, a VIP one. Because of it she can’t face coming home alone; she needs a chaperone. I accept all this. And that you can’t tell me what this so-called secret is until the time is right. I also accept that you want me to trust you and I’m willing to trust you because I love you. I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you and I never will. But every now and then, I get a bit antsy about it. Don’t worry though, because I remind myself who I’m doing this for—you, not her.” She cocked her head to one side. “And you know what? In some ways I admire you. What you’re prepared to do for a... friend. But, whatever way you want to look at it, it’s a strange situation. The kind you find in books and think, yeah, right, as if. So forgive me if my enthusiasm wanes every now and then. Like I said, cut me some slack. Because you know what? That’s exactly what I’m doing for you.”

     Layla would bet a pound to a penny the look of surprise on his face reflected her own. The pent-up feelings in her since finding out about Tara had obviously needed release—more so than even she had realized. Holding his gaze, she refused to look away. Nonetheless, her breath caught in her throat as she waited for his reaction.

     Incredibly, he laughed.

About the Author

Born and bred in the sunny seaside town of Brighton, one of the first literary conundrums Shani had to deal with was her own name - Shani can be pronounced in a variety of ways but in this instance it's Shay-nee not Shar-ney or Shan-ni - although she does indeed know a Shanni - just to confuse matters further! Hobbies include reading, writing, eating and drinking - all four of which keep her busy enough.

After graduating from Sussex University with a degree in English and American Literature, Shani became a freelance copywriter. Twenty years later, the day job includes crafting novels too. She is the author of contemporary Cornish romance - The Runaway Year - published in 2013 by Omnific Publishing. The Runaway Ex is the second in the Runaway series.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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