Friday, September 4, 2015

Review: Luscious Dominant Blood: Renaissance clan by Elizabeth Drake

Luscious has always been a loyal Summon to a vampire clan; protecting them from threats, feeding their blood lust, and serving their carnal desires. But when the clan’s enemy nearly kills him, and the vampire he is sworn to protect, he isn't willing to stand back any longer. Failure could cost him more than just his life, but also the woman he secretly loves. 

Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Series: Dominant Blood - Renaissance Clan 
Heat level: Very Spicy (Detailed intimacy interspersed with the story) 
Length: 17,500 words



Would love to thank Elizabeth Drake for gifting me this book for a honest review.

This is the third book in the Renaissance Clan series and like the previous two books this one is also very hot and steamy. This is Luscious story, he is a very loyal Summon and does everything to protect his clan. In the last book he was given the task in pleasuring  and protecting the Vampire Minuet, now in this book the danger has grown.  But I felt at times that the Luscious seemed to forget that he is human and would just go straight for the danger and that finally cost him dearly. I was also a bit surprised with who he was secretly in love with...

 Well I didn't see that coming, but I should have. I thought he had feeling for someone older, if you know what I mean. Overall there was some great action, very good twists with what happens to Luscious and hot love scenes. Great series! I wish they were just a bit longer, I still feel that we didn't get everything. 

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