Monday, December 8, 2014

Breaking Away, by Calista Smith, Cover Reveal 12/8

Title: Breaking Away
By: Calista Smith
Cover Reveal: December 8th
Release Day: TBD
Hosted By: Author Sandra Love

Eighteen year old Raquel had just graduated high school and already her life was a mess. When her dad offered her what seemed like the only solution to her problems, she jumped at it. 
His conditions were solid. He'd pay for college, she'd stay in his condo in San Diego, and he'd get her the professional help she needed. In return she'd leave behind everything and everyone who ever mattered. 
That meant zero contact with her best friend Natalia and, more importantly, No Dante!

Pasts have a way of haunting you, and no matter how far you run from the problems in life, you can't outrun yourself.
She soon finds out that even with college, a job, and new friends, picking up the pieces isn't as simple as she thought it would be. 
Raquel was about to learn the hard way that Breaking Away 
isn't always as easy as it seems.

Buy Links for Breaking Down - The first book in The Breaking Series:
Raquel, "Rocky" as her friends call her, is an introverted girl, on the brink of turning eighteen. Having already been dealt a bad hand recently, her life gets even more complicated when her parent's divorce forces her to relocate with her mom to the city of Rancho Cucamonga, California. She will be facing her senior year in a new high school. Fortunately Natalia, her best friend since birth, will be there. It's the one thing keeping Rocky from completely going off the deep end.

She plans to stay focused on her future, which includes trying to join the Peace Corps. Then in walks Dante. He's cocky, handsome, well-built, popular and so not her type. She is determined to keep her distance. The last thing she needs is someone prying into her past. Dante loves a challenge though, and when his relentless pursuit captures her attention, she just can't stop herself from falling for him. They soon realize that things aren't always what they seem and find themselves forging an intense bond. But when life continues to hand them obstacle after obstacle, can their new found love help save her or will she finally find herself Breaking Down?

About the Author:
Calista is a California girl who relocated to the great state of Texas. She resides there with her beautiful husband, four crazy kids and a dog. Calista has loved to write since she was a small child. She started writing poetry and eventually decided to write fiction. Her debut novel Breaking Down, is the first in The Breaking Series. She also has a couple of other books she is working on. Calista also has an addiction to reading and reads everything she can get her hands on, in all different genres. When she isn't reading, writing or busy being a wife and mama, you will find her CrossFitting. It's the other addiction in her life and one she is very passionate about.

Twitter: @calismithauthor