Monday, December 15, 2014

Review Time!!!! Breaking down by Calista Smith



 Cover: Good
 Rate: 4 hearts

 Would like to thank Calista Smith for gifting me this book for a honest review.

 We are introduced to Rocky in High School, when she is involved in a huge, serious scandal with a teacher, which was not her fault, but has to deal with a lot from other students and with the separation of her parents moves away with her mom to start her senior year at a new school. Luckily for her she is going to start school with her best friend Nat at her side.

 One evening while hanging out with her friend Nat and her boyfriend Aiden she has an encounter with Dante, Aiden's best friend. Dante has a girlfriend but that doesn't stop him from flirting with Rocky. Rocky is  a shy, sweet girl and she doesn't want trouble, but she is very attracted to Dante.

 So this is where my dilemma starts it was really hard for me to like Dante....

he was a bit selfish and full of himself and sometimes just plain mean. I had to keep telling myself that this is high school and he has had it rough and he tends to close off and feels he doesnt deserve Rocky. I must say he messes up quiet a bit with Rocky, he kept things from her, but Rocky was no saint in with holding information either. One thing I did like about Dante is he never pressures Rocky about sleeping with him he respected that she was a virgin and waited. I also had to give it to Rocky for staying strong for awhile too. Both just kept too many things from each other and so many problems could of been avoided if they just would of talked it out. There was no trust.

"I love him. I cant help that. I know he loves me too, mom. He does. He just has so much from his past that haunts him. It's like every time he gets a fighting chance those skeletons pop out of the closet and try to pull him back in there with them."

 So then Rocky decides that she is going make up this fake relationship with Malachi her friend to help Dante move on, but she doesnt want Dante to move on and she still loves him. Right this is going to really work. I did not see the point of this she was just hurting Dante and herself really. Oh and Dante doesnt waste anytime going back to his ex, who has only caused problems in their relationship.

 Okay so Iam all over the place here jumping from my likes and dislikes, going back to likes, I liked that we get to read about Rocky and Dante from the beginning of the school year, through their ups and down, their make up and break up too finally graduation. So Graduation things are looking good for Dante and Rocky now, lots of things are happening, but then disaster strikes Rocky and Dante, effecting more Rocky and she is going through a very hard situation and she is struggling horribly. So  around here is where Dante won me over, he really stepped up here

He was all about Rocky and helping her. But Rocky is suffering too much and then Dante starts to push her, he wanted her to decide something about their future together like now or never and she just was not ready and he of course did not take things well. Rocky just pretty much lets him leave for boot camp and decides she needs to get away. Overall great start to the series, cant wait to read the next book.

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