Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Snow Blood

Snow BloodSnow Blood by Carol McKibben
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Join the dark world of Brogio, the first vampire! What past secrets torture his present-day existence? How can his Kindred dog help him overcome the forces threatening to destroy him and all that he loves? When Brogio must turn Snow, a beautiful white husky, in order to save the dog, a series of events are unleashed that reveal a sinister plot against the father of all vampires. As life and true death experiences bond the two together, they unravel a conspiracy that when resolved may return Selene, the love of Brogio’s life, back to him and set him free from the lonely existence that has plagued him for thousands of years


When I started reading this book I really didn't know what to expect, we are reading from the point of you of Snow Blood a white husky now a vampire, new to this world and trying to control his blood lust.

At first Snow Blood is upset with Brogio for turning him and taking him away from his old family, but he starts to adapt and starts to trust and care for Brogio. He is loyal and brave and smart. It felt strange for me reading about Snow Blood as a vampire. As we read on we start to learn more about Brogio how he became the first vampire, how he suffers still by the hands of the Gods Apollo and Artemis. We see Snow Blood want to help Brogio be happy and be with is love Selene, You cant be more loyal than Snow Blood. I was not too crazy about Brogio or Selene to be honest. There was some good fight scenes and crazy how the vampires could change their forms to be these hideous beasts. I felt the book ended on a good note and things wrapped up well.

Would like to thank Netgalley for gifting me this book for a honest review.

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