Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The War Within by Tye Shirelle

I would like to Thank Tye Shirelle for the opportunity to read and review your book.

Faced with a heinous betrayal by the person she loves the most, Kira's illness spirals out of control. Lack of treatment surrenders her to reckless behavior and uncontrolled actions. Can she ever forgive Avery for her treachery? Will Avery be able to get passed Kira’s reaction and love her enough to fight to repair the damage their relationship endured? Can they keep their family together?



Where do I start, I liked that we get to read about a lesbian couple and we get to see how Avery and Kira make their marriage work and you see the love they have for each other. We get to read about Kira having been raised by a bipolar mother and also being bipolar, we see the struggles she goes through, the inner turmoil, that war within.

We start with the Prologue which introduces us to Kira on what she dealt with as a child I felt this was a great start to the book, then we jump to the present where Kira has just given birth to their second child a daughter and trying to bounce back to her daily life of being stay at home mom while Avery works. We are introduced to friends Evie and Emma the two E's both great. Everyone wants to be there and support Kira and it seemed to upset Kira at times, like she was not capable of taking care of the kids. Kira really is a strong woman to go through what she goes through, I couldn't imagine doing it.

  Then there is the big betrayal and I was waiting for it, while I was reading the scene where she is being told I thought I had missed it and I'm like what was it what did she do!!!

and then I was left speechless. I honestly do not know what I would do in that situation, because this is real life, this can really happen, this book was not about werewolves, vampires, people with superpowers this was real life happening here!! We see Kira struggle with her illness everyday and then to find out that her illness in a sense had a hand on why Avery did what she did. Kira really needed to decide what to do to stay or to go. I kind of understand why Avery would do that, but it would hurt to find out like that and loosing that trust is hard. Again a great read and cant wait to read the next one!! Thanks again.

About the Author,  from goodreads

I live in Northern Virginia with my wife and two daughters. I am an avid reader and writer. I have taught middle and high school English for ten years. I have many artistic interests and have worked as an independent photographer. I created the book cover for The War Within and several other products. A devoted mother, I started out writing short stories as bedtime entertainment when my children were little. The stories would continue to get longer and longer each time I would write one, so I decided to try my hand at writing a novel. I wrote The War Within while on leave from work. It took me four months to complete it. I couple my life experiences with my knowledge of page turning themes to bring to life amazing stories.

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