Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Aquila by Tanya Searle

Reviewed by Mariela

Seventeen year old Aqua Vickers lives a secluded life in the English countryside. She keeps herself that way, hiding in plain sight, out of fear. She has no idea where she came from or what she is, she just knows she isn't human. Her mother is convinced she's an angel, but does having wings make you an angel? Sharp, angular and intimidating black wings?

The only other person Aqua has let into her life is Aaron, her best friend. They've grown up together, shared every milestone and Aqua's feelings for him have developed into something more. In a moment of impulse, Aqua revels her true nature. Aaron freaks, hurting Aqua so badly that she flees into the night.

Lucas has been watching and waiting. As an Angeli Tail it is his job to be a spy; and he's been ordered to watch Aqua. Lost and vulnerable above the clouds, Aqua is reaching exhaustion. When Lucas offers her the answers she seeks, she follows him impulsively.

In a city, carved into the rock of a mountain, Aqua discovers she's not as alone as she thought; and her life has been rooted on a bed of lies and deception. In her absence, her home is attacked and her mother taken. With this new enemy intent on her capture and new family who aren't all welcoming, Aqua must integrate and train with the Angeli Guard if she has any hope of rescuing her mother from the hands of the Dragone.

The Angeli Guard Master is unforgiving and ruthless, allowing Aqua little rest from his relentless and painful training exercises. Aqua can barely stand to look at him, but can't seem to exterminate the butterflies she feels when he's around.

War is coming but Aqua's battles may need to be fought closer to home.

Well, well, people! First at all I want to apologize for my very late review, I recently decided to continue my education and started college classes, which those leave me completely drained and suck the fun of reading. So I will stop with my whining and tell you a little about this book.

Aquila is a girl, very special girl and hides her secret very well. She was raised by a loving and protective mother. Aquila has a huge crush on her best friend, Aaron, but he doesn’t feel the same way about her. When Aaron discovers the truth about her and rejects her, Aquila leaves and follows this fella, Lucas, that turns out to be like her. Aquila discovers a community of people just like her, but as soon as they see the color of her wings, fear can be seen on their eyes. Aquila meets a person that has a connection with her. At first she is not very welcome, or trusted or liked, then she meets this awesome, and extremely handsome young male, Liam. He is part of the guard, and suspicious about Aquila, in other words a completely a-hole. Aquila feels very attracted to him. Victus is like the mayor of the community and he follows the scriptures, the Angeli code, faithfully. Aquila was left with her human adoptive mother by her own father, Marcus. When he went missing Victus discovered Aquila’s existence and sent Lucas to watch her. Aquila feels very conflicted about everything, she takes this opportunity to escape from Aaron’s rejection. She meets August, her long lost brother, Harry, well human adoptive brother, and they bond. 

Aquila is concerned about her mother and when she is allowed to go, Liam and Lucas go with her. Once they get to her house, they found out that the Dragone are already there. Aquila’s mother gets taken, and Aaron gets hurt badly and Liam rescues him and takes him to the community. Aquila is deeply in distress for her mother and Aaron’s lives. Aquila’s world gets flip all around, which confuses her a lot. Liam seems to hate her, and Aquila is very attracted to him. Problems rise after the tournament, and some friendships and relationships develop. Would this new society adjust to her or will she adopt their customs?

The Author

T. L. Searle is a full time student studying at the University of the West of England. She lives in Somerset, England, with her husband and two children.Aquila was born from her love of reading and her intrigue with flight; of childish fantasy and impossible dreams.
The story was already formed before she put fingers to keys to share it with the world.
She hopes that people will be able to find a facet of the story they can relate to and keep with them forever.

P.S Thank you Tanya for the awesome read!!!!

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