Friday, June 5, 2015

Review: Swaying Minuet Dominant Blood: Renaissance Clan by Elizabeth Drake

After a thousand years as a vampire, Minuet is tempted by the promise of peace that the Final Death might bring. A rival of her clan possesses a poison capable of killing even the most powerful vampire, which he assures her could bring her the rest she seeks. Only Luscious, a sexy human servant to her clan, thinks he can teach her something new. Something that could reignite her passion for living and the many pleasures he promises.

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Series: Dominant Blood - Renaissance Clan

Heat level: Sizzling (Detailed intimacy is central to the story)

Length: 11,500 words



Would like to to thank Elizabeth Drake for gifting me this for a honest review.

This is another very hot short story!!!! If your looking for a very good Vampire Erotic fix, this series is it. I would of liked for this books to be a bit longer, to get a little more detail on Minuet and her life, we only got that she is an older Vampire. Also we do not get much detail on Luscious, ya we were introduced to his sexiness in the first book but thats about it.

Minuet is about to make a very drastic decision to end her vampire life,  She is bored and tired of living in this world. Then steps in Luscious to help her change her mind, and boy does he!! He doesnt waste any time getting to work on Minuet. Luscious is very experienced in pleasing woman and makes sure to rock Minuet's world. Very hot sex scenes that is for sure.

 I thought it was a little strange that Minuet being over a thousand years old hasn't experimented sexually much before. Overall great read and will continue to read this series!!!

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