Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Review: Spindle by W.R. Gingell


                                by W. R. Gingell

3.18 of 5 stars
She’s not a princess . . . but then, he’s no prince.

Polyhymnia is deep in enchanted sleep. High in a tower, behind an impenetrable barrier of magical thorns, she sleeps, dreams, and falls ever deeper into her curse.
Woken by a kiss, Poly finds herself in an alien world where three hundred years have passed and everyone she has ever known is dead. Luck, the enchanter who woke her, seems to think she is the princess. Understandable, since he found her asleep on the princess’ bed, in the royal suite, and dressed in the princess’ clothes.
Who cursed Poly? Why is someone trying to kill her and Luck? Why can’t she stop falling asleep?
And why does her hair keep growing?

Sometimes breaking the curse is just the beginning of the journey.



Would like to the thank W.R. Gingell for gifting me this book for a honest review.

I am a big fan of fairy tale spins and this one has few. I really liked Poly from the start she is brave and just went with the flow of her situation. I did find this story a bit confusing with all the royal and magic talk but I did not let that stop me from liking this book.

Poly is awaken from her deep slumber by Luck the enchanter and their journey begins. I really loved Luck, he is well out there. He was a bit selfish, self centered and was always in his own little world. But I loved Poly and Lucks interactions, from the start they had this weird way of talking. 

"Well something's making the curse hold on when it should die away- Luck said. -My casting was flawless. Besides you woke up! Why did you do that?
Poly found herself somewhat maliciously repeating what he'd said earlier: I suppose because you kissed me-
Yes and that was flawless, too- added Luck. -Poly there's something very odd about you- 
-Must we sit here and discuss it in my mind? 
-Yes. I can't get back out just yet.-"

I found them hilarious together. Poly was not afraid to stand up to Luck and there was a time where Poly got so upset with him. Luck was not your typical love interest but I really wanted Luck and Poly together. Towards the end of the book you start to see Poly's feelings for Luck and I felt that Luck was always looking out and taking care of Poly.

" I haven't helped much today," she said, so that she wouldn't have to think about it. Everything with Luck was always just a little bit uncomfortable: he took liberties, he never listened, and he very rarely deigned to notice anything that didn't interest him. How could she help it of she'd scowled at him more than she smiled? But she still said, for that and for today: "Sorry." " I didn't need you," said Luck absently; and even that was insulting, it was at least reassuring. 

We also get to see Poly really grow into using her magic and very powerful. I really wanted to find out who had cursed Poly and why. What happened? Little by little we start to find out. Such a great book. Loved it from start to finish. 

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