Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Book Review!!!!!

Essence of TimeEssence of Time by Angel Musk
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was gifted to me for a honest review. Thank you

We are taken back to the eighteenth century, we are introduced to Peter and Linda Willows a young married couple living in Kentucky on their farm, life seems to be going well for the couple especially with the news that they are going to be parents. Then Peter is offered an opportunity oversees to help their country and he can not resist and decides to leave his pregnant wife and go.

Luckly Linda is not left alone, with help from a midwife and two young boys she is able to run the farm, but she is very sad and worried about Peter leaving. Peter hopes to be back in time for the birth of their baby, sadly things do not go as planned and while in France things turn ugly and he must go in hiding with his guide Seamus. Linda also awaits the arrival of her twin sister Clara who lives in England. We see the love they have for each other and they keep in touch very well over the years. Then things turn for the worst and tragic stikes, I was shocked that this actually happened. I loved that we get different POV's we jump from Clara, Peter and Linda, we get to know these characters well. I do not want to say to much to give what happens away. But great story, good ending.

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