Thursday, October 23, 2014

Eternity Can Wait by Paula Bell

“Eternity Can Wait” by Paula Bell “Eternity Can Wait” is a magical, Young Adult novella. Part paranormal romance, part modern-day fairy tale, it’s a story full of danger, hope, and love.

Jilted by her boyfriend and abandoned by her best friend, Jenny’s summer is shaping up to be a complete disaster. Even her college plans have been wrecked by her ex-boyfriend and the blonde cheerleader he dumped her for. Jenny is facing the prospect of not only a miserable summer, but also a long and unexpected gap year alone. The only thing that gets her off the sofa and out of the house is the thought of visiting her aunt, and meeting up with some old friends out of town.

Jenny’s journey doesn’t run smoothly. With her car abandoned at the roadside in the middle of nowhere, she faces a choice. Does she head back home, or should she take a risk and continue on foot through the notorious woods she’s grown up hearing so many eerie stories about? A mysterious stranger steps in to help her. When Jenny finds out who, and what he really is, nothing will ever be the same for her again.


Christian took her into the woods away from the village. They came to a small clearing, where beautiful flowers and lilac bushes grew. The air carried the fresh scent of fir and pine. The forest was glowing in gold and green under the bright sunlight. Jenny walked slowly, trying to absorb every moment. There was a sunny place, where some flowers were crestfallen. They looked as if they would fade soon. Jenny felt sadness at the sight. Christian noticed it in her eyes, and walked slowly to the flowers. He reached out his hand to them. They suddenly stood up as if they had been moved by an invisible force, and they looked fresh again. Jenny couldn’t believe her eyes.

“You are taking my breath away!” she said, astonished. “I am sorry!” He looked at her with concern. “No, that’s nice! How did you revive the flowers?” “I have the gift to heal, but it’s not strong enough.” “Can you heal people?” “Yes, if they haven’t been hurt too badly.” *****


I would love to thank Paula Bell for gifting me this book for a honest review.

So where do I begin, well I wish it would of been  longer but that's how novella's go. So we are introduced to Jenny dealing with her breakup and just not doing a good job at it. Then she decides to take a trip to visit her aunt, of course things do not go as planned and she runs out of gas and she decides to walk the rest of the way through a forest.

While walking she falls and meets Christian, she right away notices he is different by the way he is dressed and talks. Christian being a nice guy offers to walk with her the rest of the way, they hit it off right away too. Then they are attacked and during one of these attacks he finally reveal what he is and that his family is the same way.

So while I enjoyed this novella and the characters, I was struggling with some internal conflicts while a lot happen throughout the book, not a lot happened, okay you are probably confused now. We get to read about these two characters meet and fall in love and it just worked out. I felt it was just too easy, there really was no conflict at all. Jenny never thought twice about anything, she just got out of a relationship where she gave up a lot and now she is BAM in love and jumps right in. I felt so much more could of happened.  I am really hoping that this is just a short intro to a longer in depth story about Christian and Jenny. I also felt Christian was just to perfect, maybe its just me. I need more!!!! But please don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed this book and would love to continue reading if there is a series. Thanks again.

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