Thursday, February 26, 2015

2/26 A Sinful Deception Blog Tour!!!!!!!!!

By Isabella Bradford

A Yellow Gown to Catch a Hero’s Eye

I’m so excited for the release this week of my newest historical romance, A SINFUL DECEPTION. This is a story that’s been in my head for a long time, and I’ve always wanted to write a book that includes not just Georgian England, but the farthest corners of the British Empire. My heroine, Serena Carew, was born in India, the daughter of a English nobleman stationed there. While Serena has spent most of her life as an English lady, her Indian heritage is impossible for her to forget – and it’s also one of the things that Lord Geoffrey Fitzroy comes to love most about her.

Serena is the kind of beauty who stands out in any crowded ballroom. She chooses clothes that are stylishly cut, but in strong, vivid colors that set her apart. This gorgeous gown (from the Royal Ontario Museum), a yellow silk robe à la française trimmed with silver lace and embroidery, would have been the height of fashion in 18th c. London, and I think it’s exactly to Serena’s tastes. It’s also the photograph that I sent to my publisher’s art department to inspire the cover art. They came pretty close, didn’t they?

A dress like this one was the reason that Lord Geoffrey was first captivated by Serena, and it also has a certain fairy-tale-princess look, too. Does anyone else think it might have inspired the artists who drew Belle in Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast?

I hope you’ll enjoy A SINFUL DECEPTION! For more about what inspires me,

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My Review


Cover: Loved it!!!!

Book was gifted to me through Netgalley for a honest review.

I like a good hot Historical Romance from time to time and this book hit the spot. Great characters, this is the second book in the Breconridge Brothers series. I have not read the first book but I was not at all lost in this one.

We are introduced to Lord Geoffrey Fitzroy a playboy not looking for anything serious especially a wife. But at a ball he goes out of his way to meet Miss Serena Palmer, she tends to keep to herself, not wanting to get to know anyone or dance at all. Serena hides a big secret about who she really is and She does not want a husband or children afraid her secret may be revealed. But after meeting Geoffrey she cannot hide her feelings for him and they start to get to know each other. Things start to get very hot and steamy between the two

I was afraid that Geoffrey was going to be a jerk, but he was a good man through and through, when they were discovered he did the right thing and married Serena. I loved reading about my Serena's life in India and how she grew up there. We see her struggle so much with what to do with her secret how to tell Geoffrey.

"She could now begin their married life together with honesty and trust, as Aunt Morley had advised. She could tell him the entire truth of who she was and who he'd married. She could stop hiding, stop pretending, stop lying and trust he loved her enough to accept her for what she was, "

I loved both characters and how much they loved each other, we get a few good hot love scenes

 I loved the ending, going to be reading the next book. Again great characters and just the right amount of hotness!!! :)

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