Saturday, February 21, 2015

Review!!!! The Tier of Eternal Grace, The Mirrors Shadow, book 2 by Tania Elizabeth

Her people left unknowing. Her own mind lost within the world of man. The truth is held within the depths of her soul and the kindly perceptions of her heart. But will she listen. Minds are thrown and hearts are bled. The people of her realm must now travel their own. They must seek for stars dust through the Dell of Depression. They will fight their own demons in mind. All awhile, the beast of dark, Edan, has plans of his own. Ones in which continue to change the fates of time. All lives may now carry question, some that bring no answer at all. Though could it be, that their journey's become a destiny foreseen, or shall it be their breaking.


Would like to thank Tania Elizabeth for gifting me this book for a honest review.

This is book 2 in the The Tier of Eternal Grace series and picks right up where book 1 ended. I loved this book more than book 1. Tatiana is in the hospital recovering from being hit by a car and has no memories of her life as queen. Julian the man who saved her, has been at her side. Tatiana falls for Julian and start this life together. She knows that she is different but hopes to one day find out. Corazon and Lyric and the other fae in Eterna Fadas are doing everything to find Tatiana. Lyric is a mess and needs to find her. We really see how much he loves her and even after he does finally find her living with Julian he has no hate for neither. I loved this beautiful love that Tatiana and Lyric have for each other.

" No words could then be spoken; for no words would give their feelings felt, the justice they so rightfully deserved. This was a love in which had been written in thy celestial stars themselves. Their souls eternally bound as one; their bodies hold them just the same, as they soon then find thy carvings, of their love's true timeless frame."

So much happens and even after Tatiana finally returns home, things again take a crazy turn and she must return back to the human world, I was so shocked with what happens here and more shocked when she leaves. We also to get see Corazon step up as Queen and grow. And Eden is of course is up to no good and I still hate him. Loved, loved this book, Beautifully written, such beautiful characters and story.

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