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5/15 Book Blitz: Captain's Orders by Kara Keen!!

Author: Kara Keen
Genre: Contemporary Romance | Suspense | New Adult
She seduced the wrong captain, and that's just the beginning ....

Cole Carleton, captain of the cruise ship Sunset, decides to capture Tania's heart after she mistakenly seduced his twin brother. After a night they’ll never forget, he finds out what really brought her aboard in the first place. 

Is Tania only using him to rescue her sister, a young woman snared in a deadly web of international sex trade? 

Tania Shevchenko will do anything to save her sister, and her sizzling attraction to the cruise ship’s captain may be more of a distraction than an advantage. Proudly carrying her new American passport, she boards the ship and discovers there's more to life than working hard -- and the sinfully sexy Captain Carleton is willing to be her guide to all of it.


She seemed so damned comfortable with his touch and everything he said, he was knocked completely off his game. His thoughts ran away from him while he fantasized about her perfect, creamy skin, her breasts pressing against him, immediately triggering another unbrotherly hard-on he was sure she was aware of.
Okay, so yeah…he and Jack had let a few of their female friends sleep it off in here, and Jack was going to be  pissed when he found out Cole brought a relative stranger to stay in their personal quarters. But he couldn’t stand the thought of not being able to see her whenever he had a few minutes. They’d just met, but already he’d made her cry and he was obsessed with her. What the hell?!
Tania sat down on the bed and patted it for him to sit next to her. He did what she wanted, realizing she was sweet but not shy. And there’s something in her eyes…something I’m feeling too. She smiled, wiping her eyes and sniffing away her tears. Sitting this close to her, he had to work hard not to let her full lips distract him from what she was saying.
“I’m sorry I cried,” she said, “As you know, I did not sleep on the plane, I’m tired.” Pausing, then choosing her words carefully, she locked eyes with him. “Will you tell me something, Cole? Are you married or are you with somebody, like the woman who called you sweetheart?”
“I am not married and have never been married, and no, that woman is not my girlfriend. I don’t have a girlfriend.”
“But you’ve had lots of girlfriends, yes? And they sleep with you because you’re beautiful.” His eyes widened and he took a deep breath when she took his cap off and ran her fingers through his longish sandy brown hair, twirling the part curled onto his neck around her finger. Now she was focusing on his mouth and when she licked her lips, well…
Cole was completely undone by her gaze, her lips, her touch, but he laughed anyway. “You’re trouble, girl. That’s what I’m going to call you, Trouble. You follow me and seem to trust me for absolutely no reason, and you’re making me nuts. Why did you come with me?”

If she told him the whole truth, the real reason she was on this cruise ship, he’d run. Or worse, he’d throw her out. She was nobody, she had nothing, but she liked him, she…desired him. And she needed his help. Plus, she couldn’t take her eyes off of him! Normally a hard-working, serious girl, Tania hadn’t been with anyone, hadn’t even been to a party in years.
 But she was here for her sister. And though she wasn’t sure why, she did trust him. She ignored his question, smiled and doubled back to hers.
“I notice you did not answer me about your girlfriends.”
“Does it matter to you?” He turned to her and put a little kiss on her shoulder.
She felt the heat coming off him and leaned in a little. “It’s yes, then. You’ve been with many women. And I’m okay about it.” She felt the red-hot blush on her face. “Did I say it right?”
He pulled back and watched her face, a smile pulling at his lips. “You’re good with it, you’re okay about it, yeah.” Cole’s voice had a rich, deep sound that soothed and thrilled her at the same time. He raised an eyebrow and ran a finger along her chin. “Why?”
Now the heat spread from her face to her neck, and from there to places unknown, ones she would like him to know. “I…uh…I’ve only had one boyfriend. When I first came to the States, when I spoke very little English. He was a Ukrainian boy, and he was the only one I could talk to. I was with him for a few years, we had sex, but I never…uh…I never….” Her voice trailed off.
Tears burned her eyes because she didn’t understand why she was even telling him about this. It was like some other woman’s voice coming out of her mouth, completely unreal.
He put his hands on her shoulders and ducked, grinning, his gaze more intense. “Soooo…you’ve never had an orgasm. Is that what you’re trying to say?”
Had she really asked this beautiful stranger to show her how to have an orgasm? What am I doing?! This is insane! This isn’t important, isn’t why I am here. But everything about him made her happy to be reckless and young for a change, seeking pleasure with this big, beautiful wolf of a man.
She nodded and looked down, red-faced. “My girlfriends say I’ve been re-virginized.”
Cole nodded, suppressing a laugh ’cause she looked embarrassed. And her blushing was so funny. He couldn’t remember ever meeting a women this pretty who was so innocent and easy to read. Beautiful women tended to learn how to mask their feelings, how to deflect unwelcome attention. He pulled back and looked closely at her again, examining her eyes for any trace of hesitation. There was an unmistakable fever in those big brown eyes, a heat. “I can help you with that. You want me to, right?”


After a career in public relations and advertising, I got tired of writing half-truths and decided to write the whole truth – love is all you need! 

When I read Sylvia Day’s Bared to You, I started devouring romance novels and began fantasizing about my own characters and writing down their sexy thoughts and encounters. 

After writing Captain’s Orders and developing four other novels, I can now look forward to embarrassing my family by writing hot stories about the many ways men and women get together. 

You can visit my website and learn much more than you ever wanted to know about me at

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