Monday, June 30, 2014

Another review!!!! This by far one of my favorite series yet!!!!

5 plus stars!!! Sweet Reckoning book 3 I finally was able to read this final book. I loved the first two books Sweet Evil and Sweet Peril, such an incredible series, Beautiful Covers, Loved all three!!!! This book picks up right where Sweet Peril left off, Anna is such a strong, brave character and doesn't back down, she is cares for her fellow Neph friends and wants to help all of them be free of the Dukes. I loved Kai and Anna in this book, their relationship just keeps growing and getting better, both Kai and Anna have grown so much. You see this other side of Kai, that I really loved, you see him show his love and even see him in a different light. I loved their moments together, there are some very hot moments and of course some hilarious moments too. You see them work together and it was great!!! You see other relationships grow too among some of the other neph, there are some sad moments too at the end, when everything finally plays out. To me the ending was great, I felt Wendy gave us a beautifully written closure to this series, I didn't want it to end, I cried, it was great!!! Then there's the Epilogue, WOW!!! That last paragraph pg. 379 "Life was often so cruel, so ugly And then, in the midst of all the madness, a precious gift would be placed in your lap. Because life could also be so sweet" WoW!! This is me after I was done reading this

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