Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Book Review time!!!, Come check out these books, will be posting more...tell us how you feel

Beauty's BeastBeauty's Beast by Amanda Ashley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Synopsis Beauty’s Beast Beauty Fair of face and figure, Kristine is young, innocent, pure. Yet she has been condemned to the gallows for killing a man. The only one who can save her is a lord so infamous that some say he is the son of the Devil himself... And the Beast Erik Trevayne is called the Demon Lord of Hawksbridge Castle, but few know of the curse he lives under. Or the terrifying changes slowly gnawing away at his humanity. When he weds her, all he wants of Kristine is a son. But when he beds her, a wild hope is born—that love that can tame even the most monstrous of beasts... I have to say I really loved this twist on Beauty and the Beast, there was magic, love, loss and some steaminess. I felt this book was very well written, I was never bored, very beautiful cover. So we are introduced to Kristine a 17 year old young lady in prison for murder and awaiting her execution, then one day she is bought and is to be married to Erik Trevayne Lord of Hawksbridge, everyone has heard stories about this man and not good things. Kristine is worried and frightened on what will become of her married to this man, on her wedding night he comes to her and of course has his way with her. I felt a little sad for her on how that took place especially it being her first time, she was not allowed to touch him and could not see his face.

Erik is slowing loosing his humanity and becoming this beast he was cursed to be, afraid and upset you can imagine, not a very friendly guy. You cant help but feel for him, then after he starts visiting Kristine every night in hopes of her getting pregnant he starts to have feelings for his beautiful wife. I really liked Erik he was overall a good man and we see this change in him toward his wife.

What I loved about Kristine she was brave and strong, after everything she has gone through she wanted to be a good wife and get to know her husband and have more with him. She question things, like why he wore a mask and how he had a big thing on no touching and after she finally finds out what is going on she wants to help him, and was willing to make a huge sacrifice "one I would never do by the way" for him. One other thing that bothered me a bit, was everyone just seemed so hung up on how beautiful Erik used to be, I know no one wants to be a hideous beast, but come on now!! looks is not everything. Great book.
Want to thank Netgalley for gifting me this copy for a honest review.

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