Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hello Fellow Readers

Hi Fellow Readers,

My name is Mariela, and I am very good friend with Minerva the mystic GODDESS OF BOOKS AND REVIEWS(especially if the stories include any lycans, vampires or just seductive and dark aliens) and she is allowing me to post and blog on her blog. My dear friend introduced me to Goodreads and now to Blogger and what I can say about this great beautiful mind she loves her paranormal, she is like DC Comics "Flash" and reads fast, like little Speedy Gonzalez and she loves her romance paranormal! (*Please NO LOVE TRIANGLES, she hates them!, sssshhhh that's our secret!)

Anyways a little tiny bit about me, I am a blog virgin, ooooh aaaah oooh lalah! also I tried to be funny, I am a single mother of a beautiful, smart, social butterfly and a young reader 8 year old girl. I love books, my daughter asks me "do you love me more than books?", me: "Of course, honey, you are my sunshine and cloudy, foggy, thunderous and exhaustive reason to breathe for", of course by then my daughter gives me look that tells me I won't be having time to read......  
Tessa and Mom

I love to read any Y.A. Paranormal, N.A Paranormal Romance,Historical Romance and Steamy Books. My hobbies literally consist on Books, Library, Goodreads, Amazon, Pinterest, Movies and trying to conquer the world  to read more books and spending time with my daughter........

I sing in the shower and dance while driving especially when stopped at the light or stuck in traffic. 

I have fell in love so many times with Characters, from Jacob from Twilight to Push from Push Push and Four for Divergent and Peeta from Hunger Games, but I have felt for the dark side of Christian Grey and any Male Character from Sophie Avett's mind, or Rebekah Daniel's imagination and definitely I am currently in love with Captain Hotness from Watergirl by Julian Whicker.

Enjoy my reviews and if you have any comments please don't hesitate to read them.....


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