Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Very Wicked Things!!!! by ILsa Madden-Mills

Braircrest Academy #2 5 incredible stars!!!!!!
I do not know where to begin with explaining how much I loved this book, blew my socks off, could not stop reading. These two main characters so different but also very much the same. There is Dovey Beckham
from the poor side of town, a student at Braircrest Academay and determined not to end up like her mother. A ballerina and very good at it too, its her passion her life, we get to see how she grew up, how hard her life truly was, things have changed now, but are still hard for her. She doesn't have time for guys, until she meets Cuba and changes everything. Then there is Cuba Hudson
popular, rich, football player and big lady's man. Of course Cuba doesn't do relationships, doesn't want to love, feels he doesn't deserve that. On the outside he is this popular happy guy, but in the inside he is truly suffering with some heavy demons. I also must advise you to read the prequel Wicked Beginnings its a must, I am afraid you will be very lost in this book. So everything that is going on now in this book is one year later from them actually meeting and a lot has happened. As we continure to read we bit by bit get to find out what exactly happened between them. Cuba has not talked to Dovey in a year, if you can imagine that, when one day both of them being locker neighbors things start to change. Cuba is tired of closing off Dovey and knows he hurt her so much. Dovey is so confused and hurt from what happened between them. So much is going on with these two characters. I actually hated Cuba for a minute too especially on how he broke up with Dovey, he was downright cruel. Then Dovey is really pushed into a corner with some very horrible situations involving her father, I could not believe how horrible her father was to her, it was too much. She had to make some very horrible sacrifices and what she ended up doing to pay her father back was just horrible and crazy. I couldn't imagine having to do what she did. After a lot finally comes out in the open between them. Cuba saves her, well the ending was incredible. This played out very well and this book was very well written. I recommend this book to everyone out there, but start with book one, I will be reading it too!!! This book was gifted to me by Netgalley for a honest review, Thank you.

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