Thursday, April 16, 2015

Review: The Tier of Eternal Grace: The Souls Cry By Tania Elizabeth Book 3

The Tier of Eternal Grace: The Souls Cry by Tania Elizabeth


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“The pictures imperfections become their crowning truth”

From Earthly plains to the Redwoods Victor, the stars will move before the dead of night. Echoes of all that was, will then swiftly be placed into ghastly sight. How does a woman of such strong principle and sound heart suddenly fall to her knees in plead? Her entire life then thought to be assumed in her following few breaths of terror?

Tatiana believed in the promise of light surmounting dark. She believed that no being of soul could hold shadows of ill for too long. So why then were her people still left in drowning? Why weren’t they entirely aware of the bloodstone wrath that held them?

Through new revelations, through suffer and wreck, will Tatiana discard all beliefs, and find a way to slay his fierce ruling? Or shall the dark of no desire rise in strength and finally bring an end to their every divine creation?
Choice – Rejection – Fate – Cause.
Who decides? Do you ever really know?


Cover: Beautiful

Would love to thank Tania Elizabeth for gifting me this book for a honest review.

Again we are given such a beautiful tale of magic. I was blown away again. Beautifully written and inspiring. At the end of book two Tiernan, Tatiana's son finds out he is fae too and gets to visit the faerie world Eterna Fadas with his mom. Of course things do not end well and they return home to Earth and go back to trying to live a normal life, but Tatiana is uneasy. Edan is at it again, with his wrecking havoc on the faerie world. 

Tatiana, is dealing with a lot, now that her children are finding out what they are and also Julian coming out with a surprise of his own. The Full moon is coming and Corazon is injured and Tatiana must return to Eterna Fadas to help her people. Tiernan can not get enough of Eterna Fadas. Tiernan is one of a kind, he lives and breaths fairies and he is strong and all around great. 

"Within mere seconds, Tiernan came soaring up from behind, catching his mother by the waist as he pass, spinning her gently within his grasp, " Mum, this is absolutely breathtaking. I can't get over the magnitude of magic that surrounds us. It's beautiful."

Again so much detail, such a beautiful story and with all these characters. You cant but not fall in love with this magical world. We get a few surprises with Tatianas's children. Nothing is what it seems. I loved these little twits and turns we get with the gifts and discoveries of  her children. 

"My life is a story that I choose to read. One page at a time, one hurt or heal dealt with as needed. No one told me it was going to be the most difficult story to read at times. Even though I soon discovered that thy pains could then be followed by joy if I made it so. In turn I loved the journey within each page. And I'll have to has also become the most beautiful of all stories too."

Thank you again. 

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