Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Review: The Divine Whisperer by Rebekah Daniels


Women, fighting demons, good food, and more women! That’s all Nephilim enforcer, Gemariah Slater cares about. That is until he meets a feisty little blonde that turns his world upside down. Like him, she has an unsavory past. Like him, she fights for those that can’t defend themselves. But when the similarities end, the claws come out. 

Social worker, Nicole Summers, is trying to help the world one child at a time, NOT be swept off her feet by a tall, gorgeous yet overbearing, and conceited jerk. Conflicted with what her heart and her head tell her, she tries to keep her distance, but Gemariah won’t let her. 
Drawn to each other by a bond neither can explain and kept together by circumstance, they are not prepared for how their bodies or their hearts react to one another. As the two battle their desire, little do they know that unforeseen forces are resigned to see them suffer and fail. Will the two be able to protect what is theirs, or will they eventually succumb to the vengeful voice inside them? 

Warning: Contains adult language and mature situations. 


Review by Mariela

I know it is about a year later to review this book. I want to thank the group Lovers of Paranormal for allowing me to read this book, I am sorry Carrie, it feels like a decade ago, and I am so sorry Rebekah, you are one of my favorite authors. Ok, fellow readers what can I say about this book, well Gemariah is hot, handsome, and makes me laugh. He has become my book crush and the man that I want to have babies with. (I know that is impossible, but I can still dream, right?).

This book had a different take than the last two. Whether I like the first two more than this one, it is hard to explain. I love Gemariah since the first smart ass comment he made previously. So in his own book he was alright but it brought a different side of him within the story. Nicole, she was as always, a strong, stubborn, passionate, and determined woman.

Rebekah did an amazing job with her character, even though I wanted to smack both, Gemariah and Nicole, many times. At the end,*SPOILER ALERT*, we learned that Gemariah has a brother, which now that Gemariah is taken, a father, and not single, I have a new crush. Yay for me! The cliffhanger will leave you wanting more. Rebekah Daniels is an author that we need to watch for, her work speaks for itself and will leave you wanting more.  

About the Author

Rebekah Daniels is a romance writer from the Midwest that marvels in bringing stories to life. Having four energetic children and a devoted husband, her days are always full of adventure and an abundance of love. 

When she finally has time to herself, she loves to write, read a good book, eat chocolate, and keep warm under whatever heating device is available. 

As a child she was always daydreaming and creating stories in her head. As an adult, nothing has changed, except now they are coming to life on paper. Her hope is that these stories will bring enjoyment to the people that get to read them.  


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