Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Review: Amazon Burning by Victoria Griffith

When 22-year-old aspiring journalist, Emma Cohen, is forced to flee the comforts of her NYU student life, she maneuvers an internship from her father at his newspaper in Rio de Janeiro. There, Emma is immediately swept into a major news story--and a life-threatening situation--when a famous jungle environmentalist, Milton Silva, is mysteriously murdered.

Emma must now enter the Amazon rainforest with her father to investigate; both awed by the enormity and beauty of the Amazon, and appalled by its reckless destruction. Not only will Emma have to brave the primal world of the Amazon, she must fight to survive the kidnappers, villains, corrupt activists, and indigenous tribes that lay in wait along the ever-twisting trail of the murder case. Stretched to the brink, it’s up to Emma, her father and the dreamy news photographer, Jimmy, to unravel the mystery and live to tell the tale.

Amazon Burning by Victoria Griffith is a spectacular debut Young Adult novel. Griffith's powerful rendering of the Amazon rainforest forms the perfect, wildly exotic backdrop for this extraordinary tale of a young urban woman coming of age in the midst of intense conflict.


Cover: loved it!!


I was gifted this book for a honest review, Thank you.

We are introduced to Emma, running away from NYU and  we taken into this whirlwind of  a murder mystery in the Amazon. So much is going on here, from murders, to car chases, and mudslides. Emma is brave to be able to take on all that the Amazon throws at her. We are also introduced to the handsome Jimmy who is with her every step of the way. Instant attraction between them. 

I liked both characters, both wanting to help others and also wanting to find who murdered the environmentalist, Milton. Emma was scared to get her hands dirty and they seemed to always get dirty. 
We get action, attraction, in this beautiful exotic tale in the Amazon. 

Thanks again.

About the Author:

Victoria Griffith is the author of the award winning non-fiction picture book The Fabulous Flying Machines of Alberto Santos-Dumont (Abrams, 2011). Before becoming a full-time author, Victoria spent twenty years as an international journalist, fifteen of those years as foreign correspondent for the UK’s Financial Times. During that time, she had fun writing on a wide range of topics, including Brazil’s Yanomami Indians, architecture, space exploration, the human genome, and the growth of the Internet. Her most terrifying assignment was preparing lunch for Julia Child, who praised the Brazilian fish stew but refused to touch the blackberry dessert. Victoria lives in Boston with her husband and three daughters.

·       Amazon: http://amzn.to/1z7igva
·       B&N: http://bit.ly/1Isi774
·       Astor + Blue (publisher): http://bit.ly/1p2Hzub

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