Thursday, April 30, 2015

Review: Kitten By Elizabeth Drake

Drawn out on a cold night by a power too seductive to resist, Jamie couldn’t have guessed that the summoning would lead her to two hot vampires with lusty designs. Becoming their sex kitten, or a pawn in the power struggles of a clan of vampires, isn’t the fate she’s going to surrender to. Not even when the clan’s sexy leader sets his sights on her.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Erotic 
Series: Dominant Blood - Renaissance Clan Heat level: Sizzling (Detailed intimacy is central to the story)
Length: 19,500 words

Would like to thank the author for gifting me this book for a honest review.
I am all for a Vampire erotic tale. Jamie feels this pull to go out and to find someone to pleasure her, she has this weird sexual hunger that comes out of no where. At first when I started reading this part I was like really? But things start to warm up when she finds two gorgeous vampire males in a bar and things just get very hott from here. Some of these sex scenes were very very wow!!!

Jamie was not your typical main character, she was tough and very sexual. After her sexual encounter with the two Vampires Mace and Archer, she realizes that she may be way over her head,then after Deacon gets involved and realizes she is definitely in trouble. She doesn't want to be anyone's sex slave and knows she cannot run away from them. She realizes she need to get on the good graces with Deacon. I liked Deacon he was something else, I can see maybe something on the line of love developing between Deacon and Jamie. But at the same time I do not see Deacon falling in love. That sex scene between those two, Wow!!!! Will be reading the next book in the series and will be posting my review. Good reading everyone!!

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